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If you need a translation done quickly and accurately from German into English (American, British or International English) or from English into German, then you’ve come to the right place! VORTEXT will translate each text to suit both the client’s individual wishes and the audience the text is intended for. As a client, you can be sure that your legal documents will be accurately translated to the highest professional standards whereas hopefully, you’ll allow VORTEXT a bit more leeway to reproduce your marketing, advertising and publicity material in a style that reflects the original rather than making it sound “translated”. You might not notice this yourself – but if the job’s not done correctly, you can be sure that your target audience will! The work is always carried out in strict accordance with the “Native Speakers Only” rule, whereby native speakers always translate, edit or proofread into their own (target) language.


If you require your German or English texts to be carefully checked for tone, style, structure, clarity and content coherence and, where necessary and after taking your views into account, to have improvements made in these areas, then VORTEXT is the ideal linguistic partner for the job. VORTEXT can help you to communicate more effectively with your target audience. As editing is the deluxe version of the proofreading service, it naturally includes all the grammatical, spelling and punctuation checks as offered in proofreading.


Or, if you prefer, VORTEXT is happy to simply (but very carefully) proofread documents for you, i.e. to check spelling, punctuation and grammar in German or English texts that have been written or translated by someone else.